Super GoBotsEdit

The Super GoBots were Tonka's versions of the Machine Robo DX and Big Machine Robo. Note that the figures were not always released in numerical order.

Gobot # Name Vehicle Mode MR Number
20 Warpath AH-64 Apache BMR-04
21 Super Cy-Kill Motorcycle BMR-01
22 Super Spay-C Space Shuttle BMR-05
23 Staks Semi-trailer truck BMR-03
24 Super Leader-1 F-15 Eagle BMR-02
25 Baron Von Joy Porsche 930 MRDX-07
26 Zeemon Datsun 280ZX MRDX-02
27 Herr Fiend Porsche 928 MRDX-03
28 Bug Bite Volkswagen 1303S Beetle MRDX-05
29 Destroyer Leopard 1 MBT MRDX-04
30 Psycho Psychoroid MRDX-01
31 Defendor Alvis Saladin MRDX-06
32 Throttle BMW K100 Motorcycle
33 Super Vamp Monster Jet
34 Raizor F-4 Phantom II Helicopter
35 Super Couper 1934 Ford Coupe
36 Spy-Eye Panavia Tornado IDS
37 Clutch Ford F-250 Pickup
38 Night Fright Mil Mi-24 Hind

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