Spoons is a character in the Gobots toyline, and the subsequent Challenge of the GoBots cartoon.

Challenge of the GobotsEdit

Gobots character
Allegiance Renegades
Alternate mode(s) Forklift
Voiced by N/A

Spoons is one of the soldiers of Cy-Kill. [1]

Animated seriesEdit

Spoons appears in the episode #23, called "Doppelganger". He worked with Doctor Go in transporting a robot duplicate of Leader-1 the doctor had created. Later when the Guardians are escaping Renegade capture Fitor and Spoons try to stop them, but fail.


  • Gobots Spoons (1984)
Spoons’s toy was first issued in 1984. It was also released in Europe. [2] Several color variants exist.



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